How to root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ on 7.4.3 Firmware

Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a popular 7 inch tablet running modified Android operating system. The tablet packs 720p HD display and it is powered by a 1.2GHz dual core processor. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is available in both 16GB and 32GB memory capacity. The Amazon App Store is taking care of all app and game needs. While Amazon App Store is a decent app store but it doesn’t have as many apps like the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, Amazon Kindle Fire HD doesn’t come with Google Play Store support. It is somewhat restricted my Amazon. Just like any other Android devices, it is possible to root Kindle Fire HD 7″. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD rooting process is pretty easy and takes just a few minutes. After rooting Kindle Fire HD you will gain full control over the tablet, you can install custom ROM on Kindle Fire HD or install Google Play Store. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Make sure that the tablet has adequate charge (50% minimum) so that it doesn’t get turned off in between the process.
  2. Back up all your important data and files.
  3. Make sure the tablet model is Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 .
  4. Ensure that Kindle Fire HD is running latest 7.4.3 firmware.
Root Kindle Fire HD

Root Kindle Fire HD

Easily root Kindle Fire HD 7″ on 7.4.3 firmware:

  1. Download the Bin4ry toll from this link or this mirror link and extract the zip file on your computer.
  2. Now you need to uninstall any previously installed Kindle Fire HDS on your computer. To do this first connect your Kindle Fire HD to the computer using USB cable and open “Device Manager” on computer (Click on Windows Start button and type ‘Device Manager” to find it).  When you are inside Device Manger go to ‘Portable Devices” and right click on “Kindle” and select “Properties”. Now go to “Driver” tab and click on “Uninstall”.  Disconnect Kindle Fire HD from computer.
  3. Download Kindle Fire HD ADB drivers from this link and install on your computer.
  4. On Kindle Fire HD navigate to “Settings>Security” and then tap on “Enable ADB” to turn it on.
  5. Now connect your Kindle Fire HD to the computer using USB cable. The computer will automatically install the drivers, wait till driver installation completes.
  6. Go back to the folder where you have extracted the file. There you will find a file named “RunMe.bat”, double click on it and select option 1 called “New Standard-Root”.
  7. On the Kindle Fire HD screen you will be prompted to backup data. Select the “Back up my data” and wait till the backup process completes. When the backup process completes, press any key on the computer. Now select the option “Restore my data” and wit till the process completes. This will not delete any data stored on the tablet. When the restore operation completes, click any key on the computer.
  8. Now your Kindle Fire HD will reboot twice.
  9. Once the device starts you have to select the option “Restore my data” again. Wait till he restore operation finishes and click on any key on computer when it’s done. The tablet will reboot once again.
  10. Next time when the device boots navigate to “Apps drawer” and find an app named “Superuser”.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted Kindle Fire HD 7″.

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