Simpson Skins in Minecraft

The most famous and popular series among different age categories of people has long gone down in history and became “classical.” Not surprisingly, many Minecraft players wanted to have the skins of the characters of this particular series. If you are also one of these people, then you can download the Simpsons on sites like:

The series tells about the family and their everyday life. Among the main heroes are: the greatest lazy person of the planet Homer, his charming wife Marge, the cynical son Bart, the eldest daughter Lisa and the little lover of destroying Maggie. You can find the skins of any of these characters, or create the skin yourself.

Skin Homer

Homer Simpson, also known as Power Max, is the father of the Simpsons family. He is overweight, lazy and ignorant. But Homer is 100% devoted to his wife and children. His behavior in many episodes of the series is often stupid, absurd, selfish, dangerous, awkward and just idiotic. Despite the fact that his level of intelligence is below average, in some cases, he demonstrates his intelligence and savvy. Homer from time to time behaves like a loving husband and a caring parent. Everybody knows his famous phrase “D’oh”.

Skin Marge

Marge Simpson is a beautiful and happy housewife who devotes her time to the family. Her husband is Homer, with whom she has four children: Bart, Hugo (not canonical), Lisa and Maggie. Marge often doesn’t miss the opportunity to make a remark in her family, and you can often hear how she grumbles during any of the family’s tricks, trying to maintain order in the Simpsons house. In addition to her housework responsibilities, Marge sometimes engages in other professions, making a career. For example, she was a policeman to fight violence in the streets.

Skin Bart

Bart is a naughty boy, lagging behind in studies, constantly in need of adult supervision. Bart is easily distracted by various stimuli (even in solving algebraic expressions). The teenager is inclined to shocking actions: beginning with walking in a dream on a moonlit night and ending with the fact that immediately after his father’s birth he set fire to his tie. His blood type is very rare. Simpson loves to terrorize his sister, likes to play video games, helps Liza to solve some problems and shoots various pranks on the camera.

Skin Lisa

Liza is a charismatic girl. She exceeds the standard level of achievements of children of her age. She also serves as the “moral center” of the entire Simpson family. Unfortunately, parents don’t pay enough attention to her, so Lisa has a lot of hobbies: she plays saxophone and guitar, goes horseback riding and cares for a horse, she’s very interested in cutting-edge scientific research. She is fluent in Italian and knows some German and French verbs, as well as Spanish. Not everyone at school likes Liza for her good academic performance, so she has only a few friends. The girl is intelligent, witty, independent, focuses on the goal and strives to achieve it.

Skin Maggie

Margaret Simpson – the ambiguous character of the series “The Simpsons”, the youngest daughter of Marge and Homer Simpson. Totally dressed in a blue “bag”, which prevents her from walking, because of him, she often falls. Her faithful companion is a red nipple, which she constantly smacks. An unusual and mysterious character.

If you liked one of these characters, then download the skins and go to the game.

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