Update Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.3 N7100XXUEMJ2 ROM

A new Android 4.3 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 has been leaked recently. The new N7100XXUEMJ2 ROM is believed to the pre-official Android 4.3 ROM from Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This new ROM doesn’t have any new noticeable new features or enhancements compared to earlier N7100XXUEMI6 ROM.  After updating to this ROM many users reported smoother performance. There are few user interface chances in the notification bar, icons and menu.

Warning: Before flashing N7100XXUEMJ2 Android 4.3 ROM on your phone you need to know some information regarding it. This ROM comes with KNOX Security and you might have to update bootloader of the phone. After updating the bootloader you might not be able to revert back to older Android 4.1.2 ROM or another ROM which doesn’t have KNOX.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 ROM

There are some known bugs in this ROM. According to some initial reports

  • Google Chrome browser doesn’t work.
  • Access Point Settings can’t be used.
  • Brightness icon is messed up in the notification bar.
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work if you don’t update the bootloader.


  1. Make sure that the phone has adequate charge (50% minimum) so that it doesn’t get turned off in between the process.
  2. Enable USB debugging by going to “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” and enable it. If you don’t see “Developer options” option then you need to enable it by going to “Settings>About device> Build number” and tap on Build number 7 times until you will see a message “You are now a developer”.
  3. Download Samsung USB drivers from this link and install on your computer. If you have Samsung Kies installed then skip this step.
  4. Back up all your important data and files. All data stored on the internal memory will be deleted.
  5. Make backup of EFS partition.
  6. Make sure the phone model is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 by going to “System settings>About device”

How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.3 ROM N7100XXUEMJ2

  1.  Download Pre-rooted, Deodexed, Zip aligned N7100XXUEMJ2 ROM from this link and save it on your computer.
  2. Download Philz recovery and install on the mobile. CWM recovery will also work.
  3. Connect the phone to computer using USB cable and transfer the ROM to internal memory of the phone.
  4. Turn off the phone and reboot it in recovery mode by pressing Home+ Power+ Volume up buttons simultaneously. Once you are in recovery mode select wipe/factory reset option. This will delete all data and files from the internal SD card.
  5. Flash the ROM zip file.
  6. Reboot the phone. Some functions like Wi-Fi might not work properly so you have to update the bootloader.
  7. Download Odin from this link and extract the archive. Double click on Odin3 v3.04.exe and start it.
  8. Download bootloader and save it on the computer.
  9. Turn off the phone and restart it in download mode by pressing Home+ Power+ Volume down buttons simultaneously. Once the phone is in download it, connect it to the computer using USB cable.
  10. Wait some time until Odin detects the phone and shows blue sign.
  11. On the Odin window, click on the Bootloader button and select the bootloader file  “BL_N7100XXUEMJ2_1828006_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5″ which you got after extracting the archive.
  12. Ensure that Re-Partition is unchecked.
  13. Now click on the Start button to flash the file. It will take some time to complete the process.
  14. Reboot the phone.

Note: This ROM is pre-rooted. If you use Titanium Backup to restore apps, then you might face some issues with restored apps. To solve this install Terminal Emulator from Play Store and execute this command-

restorecon -R -v /data/data

Keep in mind that you have to follow this step every time after restoring apps using Titanium Backup.


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